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1st June 2011 15:39:00
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Shonen Knife - Album No.15 hits Europe this July

July 11th sees Shonen Knife release their fifteenth album, “Free Time”, in Europe. Originally released last summer in Japan, us lucky folk have the luxury of two bonus tracks and new artwork, which should keep fans ticking over until the Osakan sisterly trio rock our socks throughout a series of previously announced August and September dates as they return to UK soil.

Track list:
1. Perfect Freedom
2. Rock’n’roll Cake
3. Economic Crisis
4. Do You Happen To Know
5. Capybara
6. An Old Stationary Shop
7. Monster Jellyfish
8. P.Y.O.
9. Love Song
10. Star
11. Rock’n’Roll Cake (Punk Version) [Bonus Track]
12. Capybara (Techno Version) [Bonus Track]

Check out their latest video here: