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Image:The Vinyl Fix: April 2014

The Vinyl Fix: April 2014

It's April! The month where we celebrate something dying and then coming back to life! No, not Jesus ...
Image:Eat To The Beat: Inspiral Carpets

Eat To The Beat: Inspiral Carpets

Don't eat a Cow, man! Stephen Holt gives us a guide to what gives an Inspiral a happy tummy.
Image:Dark Hemyspheres: April 2014

Dark Hemyspheres: April 2014

April showers? More like raining blood!
Image:In conversation: Drive By Truckers' Patterson Hood

In conversation: Drive By Truckers' Patterson Hood

Their best line up? Their best album? Absolutely, according to the man at the wheel.
Image:Campfire Tales: Introducing Jessica Clemmons

Campfire Tales: Introducing Jessica Clemmons

A chat with country power balladeer, Jessica Clemmons.
Image:Pink Sunshine: the month in pop

Pink Sunshine: the month in pop

With updates from Rita Ora, Spice Girls, Hollie Cook and more!
Image:TMF meets The Pierces

TMF meets The Pierces

With their fifth album Creation out in June, TMF caught up with the duo to find out more.
Image:Introducing... Sarah Holburn

Introducing... Sarah Holburn

She's just self-released her debut album and has taken the time out to talk to TDF...
Image:Campfire Tales: March 2014

Campfire Tales: March 2014

The usual selection of quality roots music, now with added interrogation!
Image:Dark Hemyspheres: March 2014

Dark Hemyspheres: March 2014

More hits from the Bong.
Image:Black Onassis - the Chris Karloff interview

Black Onassis - the Chris Karloff interview

The former Kasabian guitarist chats to us about New York, Leicester, his old band and how it's all just water under the bridge.
Image:Campfire Tales: February 2014

Campfire Tales: February 2014

Max manages to squeeze in his country/folk/roots round-up just before we flip our Handsome Firefighters calendar over.
Image:Introducing... Incura

Introducing... Incura

It's Phantom Of The Opera meets prog, so TMF meets Incura.
Image:Dark Hemyspheres: February 2014

Dark Hemyspheres: February 2014

Flamboyant dress, computer games and 1969... Strange going-ons in this month's Dark Hemyspheres.
Image:Introducing... The Cut Purse Rascals

Introducing... The Cut Purse Rascals

Americana from the South West... of England?
Image:Campfire Tales: Audrey Auld interviewed

Campfire Tales: Audrey Auld interviewed

Audrey Auld. Passionate. Forthright. Talented. Interviewed.
Image:Campfire Tales: a chat with Blackberry Smoke

Campfire Tales: a chat with Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke blows into the UK this month; frontman Charlie Starr faces the questions.
Image:Cherry Pop #4: 'Suicide' by Suicide

Cherry Pop #4: 'Suicide' by Suicide

Another feature in our on-going survey of debut albums. Robert W Getz remembers a howl of original American punk.
Image:Digital sunshine: Amazon Music and their plans for summer

Digital sunshine: Amazon Music and their plans for summer

Dominic catches Mausi, Nick Mulvey and Thumpers as Amazon lay out their grassroots strategy.
Image:Campfire Tales: January 2014

Campfire Tales: January 2014

A new year, two excellent albums, lots of exciting gigs!
Image:Campfire Tales: Lindi Ortega interviewed

Campfire Tales: Lindi Ortega interviewed

Alt.country star Lindi Ortega talks to us about life, Nashville, and being creepy.
Image:Dark Hemyspheres: January 2014

Dark Hemyspheres: January 2014

Welcome to a new year of doom, gloom, death and destruction!
Image:Dark Hemyspheres: Favourites From 2013

Dark Hemyspheres: Favourites From 2013

A deliciously dark festive treat!
Image:Let's talk about...erm, you-know-what...

Let's talk about...erm, you-know-what...

Julie B on a year in which the mainstream's sexual marketing excesses were as un-sexy as they were unsavoury.
Image:Campfire Tales: Christmas 2013

Campfire Tales: Christmas 2013

A very Americana Christmas to you!

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